November 10, 2012

Do Not Stand Idly By

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Friday November 9th marks the anniversary of Kristallnacht- the Night of Broken Glass in 1938 Germany.  That night the Nazis carried out a program or organized riot against the Jews throughout Germany and Austria.  During a 24 hour period: 200 Synagogues were set ablaze; 7,500 Jewish owned  stores and shops were looted and their windows smashed; cemeteries were desecrated; 91 Jews were murdered and 30,000 Jewish men were seized and sent to concentration camps.  This program marked a change from the economic and social discrimination that the Nazis had perpetuated to actual violence and destruction.  It was the beginning of the Holocaust and “Final Solution”.

News of Kristallnacht spread throughout the world- but there was no meaningful response.  In Germany, people watched and participated in the looting.  In other countries, the Nazis were condemned but there was no action taken against them.  The Nazis realized that they were free to continue and escalate their attacks against the Jews, other minorities and on the other countries in Europe.

We are commanded n Leviticus 19:16 (in the Holy code) not to stand idly by when the blood of our neighbors is shed or when others are suffering.  The world stood idly by then.  We must remember that tragic lesson and reach out now whenever our neighbors are suffering.

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