May 6, 2014

JDC and Your Federation is There

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Our Joint Distribution Committee – Centennial Anniversary



Wherever Jews are in need, JDC is there.  That has been true since 1914 when “the Joint” first started providing relief and rescue to Jews in war-torn Europe and Ottoman-ruled Palestine – and it is true today. Throughout the world, and particularly in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, the world’s poorest Jews depend on JDC. Today JDC is the world’s leading Jewish humanitarian organization – active in more than 70 countries around the globe. For 100 years, JDC has provided rescue and relief to Jews in need throughout the world.  For the last three decades, we have been working to help Jews in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union – the poorest Jews in the world – and to renew Jewish community life to provide a support system now and into the future.  In the Ukraine JDC is there – delivering food and other necessities to vulnerable Jews in Kiev and towns across Ukraine as civil unrest roils the country.

Each year, Our Federation gives a significant allocation to the JDC.  It is part of our mission: Kol Yisrael Averim Zeh v Zeh – “Every Jew is Responsible for one another”.  Your gift to the 2014 Campaign will help assure that we continue this mission.

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