June 1, 2021

Remembering and Honoring Henry Weinberg at Our Veteran’s Service

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On Thursday, May 27, 2021, we gathered for the first time at a Federation event since this pandemic began over one year ago. I think it was fitting that our first gathering was to honor and remember our Veterans, and to honor and remember our dear friend, and community leader Henry Weinberg. Henry was a leading force for this annual tribute to our veterans at our community cemetery’s for as long as anyone can remember. He was also in charge of preserving the Agudath Achim cemetery, both physically, religiously and spiritually. Henry had an uncommon sense of duty, like the men and women we honored with our roll call of names. Bill Wallen spoke about Henry’s commitment to our Veterans as well as Henry’s commitment to community and service:

Remembering and Honoring Henry Weinberg at Our Veteran’s Service, May 27, 2021 by Bill Wallen

“Honor and Remembrance are key Jewish values.- in fact, they are Mitzvot, or holy obligations.  They are so important that we find them in The 10 Commandment, as part of our Covenant at Sinai.  We are required to “Remember the Sabbath…”, and “Honor our mother and father…”  In our rituals, we honor and remember our parents and other loved ones with Kaddish, Yizkor and Yartzeit.

This evening, in observance of Memorial Day, we especially honor our departed loved ones who have served and protected our Country in the armed forces. 

As Jews, we recognize that we stand on the shoulders of our parents, grandparents, extended families, and Congregation leaders who have nurtured, guided and protected us and helped us to reach this moment in our lives.  We thank them as well as God, when we recite the Shechecianu prayer.

For so many years, our annual Veteran’s Service was planned by our friend, Henry Weinberg.  This is the first year without him. He honored his father and his uncle and their devotion to the cemetery and continued their work. Henry was the chair of the Synagogue cemetery committee for 40 years, in fact he often was the committee.

Each year Henry would say to me, “When are we going to start planning the service?  Who do you think would be a good speaker this year?  Each year we would worry about the weather, as invariably we would have thunder showers looming, or a soaking rain the morning of the service.  Tonight we have perfect weather- maybe Henry had some influence on that.

Henry taught me about  turning the values of honoring and remembering into actions- middot into Mitzvot

Let us all follow his example.  We miss you Henry. Rest in peace.”

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